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 What’s happening @ BOOTCAMP

If you are interested in joining my Troop, please contact me or please join my mailing group so that you are one of the first to hear when my next weight loss BOOTCAMPS is starting up!


Join me for parkrun (or WALK if you prefer) EVERY SATURDAY!


The well renowned country wide ‘parkrun’ FREE community event runs at 7:00AM (or 8:00AM in some States) in parks all across AUSTRALIA (and the WORLD) EVERY SATURDAY morning!


Contact me to find out which parkrun I will be at each week if you’d like to join me for warm ups, run with me (or against me)! I like to visit different parkruns around the country to run or volunteer (and mostly to socialise) every Saturday!

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This event is free! Come along with your friends or on your own and join us (all members of the community are welcome and I encourage all BOOTCAMP members to make this an extra exercise activity to add to your week).  It’s a great way to see your fitness improving as you push yourself to run faster each week and beat your own time!  Find and register for the nearest parkrun to you via this link!



Don’t know what MYZONE is ALL ABOUT?

You better read about it here, because I promise you, that if you want to be the fittest you can be in 2016, then this is going to be one of the best investments you have ever made! It is much more accurate and reliable than a fit bit and the awesome awesome social functions make this the most interactive and effective tool to keep you accountable and motivated to TRAIN HARD and put in YOUR BEST EFFORT!

Join us in the Challenge, you WILL WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS!





Selfie Sunday

Every Sunday I ask all BOOTCAMPERS to tag me in their Sunday Selfies ( so that I can keep an eye on their progress! Use the BOOTCAMP BABE or BOOTCAMP BRO Journals to keep a track of your weightloss and don’t forget to take your progress Selfie on a Sunday!

Selfies are a great way to keep a track of your own progress, sometimes you don’t notice when you are losing a bit of weight each day, but when you look back at photo’s from a month ago, it is obvious that all of the ‘hard work pays off!’

– See more at:





Make sure that you join my Private Facebook page for BOOTCAMPERS. This is a place where we motivate, inspire, encourage and support one another. Because we all know that to see real change, it involves making changes in your lifestyle and that is not easy! The Troop are there for each other to keep on track everyday, no matter what time it is.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you may be, the troop is with you, to keep in touch via this little sacred positive online community. Where social media is used for good!



If you have any other questions about our program you can contact us anytime!

Read more about BOOTCAMP here

And please keep in touch via social media and my blog!



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