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Sunday Selfies going STRONG!

I LOVE checking out my BOOTCAMP BABES & BRO’S transformations and progress via all of my Sunday Selfies! I look forward to every Sunday!

Selfie Sunday started as a way that my online BOOTCAMPERS can keep me up to date on how they are going!!

There were so many hot Selfies last month, but the Winners from my BOOTCAMPERS were Fit Couple Daniel & Lisa Auteri! They started off with a STRONG Selfie together in the bathroom and it just got STRONGER from there!

Dan & Lisa’s Week 1 Sunday Selfie:


Dan and LIsa’s SELFIE GAME IS STRONG! #selfiegame #selfiesunday

Dan & Lisa’s Week 2 Sunday Selfie:


Daniel is a mobile mechanic so he shows off with this selfie with my car!

Dan & Lisa’s Week 3 Sunday Selfie:


The third week of June and son Max had an idea to get mum and dad to plank over the pool, and made sure he supervised it too!

Dan & Lisa’s Week 4 Sunday Selfie:


Notice the body transformations that have been taking place just over the past month with these two!

How AWESOME is it to see a couple who share a commitment to their health and fitness and are fantastic role models for their children, enjoying life together as a team and smiling back at us every Sunday?!  

Congratulations Dan and Lisa on being so AWESOME and I hoped you enjoy your prize valued at over $150 from the including a tub of low carb Next Generation Iced Coffee Protein for Dan and Café Latte Maxine’s Burn Thermogenetic Protein Powder for women for Lisa.

Don’t forget to hashtag so I can see your Sunday Selfies and you can be in the running for some great rewards! 




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