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Register your MYZONE belt

To purchase your MYZONE belt and join our online fitness challenge PURCHASE YOUR MYZONE and get $70 OFF THE RRP when you PURCHASE NOW via this link!

Once you have purchased your belt and it arrives in the mail, you will need to follow these steps to register your belt and show up for me and the rest of the Troop to see you:

  1. Visit  and click on ‘Register a belt’

  2. Enter the Unique ID: STLAU001

Here is a short video guide to registering a belt: Register MYZONE Belt

If you get stuck or have any questions please contact the MYZONE online support options or contact me!

If you haven’t got your MYZONE belt yet, you can order one TODAY for $70 off the RRP with this link!


I’m so excited to see the effort that you are putting in, watch your MEP’s racking up and challenge you to a little bit of healthy fitness competition! Xxxxx