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Stacey Louise MYZONE


 I can track you, and you can track me…WHEREVER in the world we are with this effort tracking device!


$_86DON’T THINK that just because you are doing ONLINE training that you can stay in bed and get away with it! NO WAY!!

EVEN if you are training in the loungeroom or the backyard, in another State or Country even…I don’t care WHERE you are, YOU have committed to training when you need to be!

201605_Home_LiveTilesIf you don’t turn up to your training then I will know about it because I can see exactly when you have trained and HOW HARD you have trained! I will also know how much effort you are really putting in…



If you are ready to really make some changes then it means finding the motivation to train no matter how you feel when that alarm goes off in the morning and this is how it works…


EVERY TIME you train, MAKE SURE you are wearing your MYZONE belt so that you (& I) can track your efforts, I can see ALL of the hard work you are putting in, you can rack up Monthly Exercise Points (MEP’s), share and celebrate your efforts with me (remember we are actually on the same mission doing this together as fitness is a constant pursuit).  I also DARE YOU to compete with me for the top place on the MEP points leaderboard!


A bit of healthy competition is an AWESOME motivator! I wear my MYZONE belt EVERY SINGLE time I train. That means you can see that I am also doing my sessions just as I expect you to! AND JUST WATCH how much harder I start to work when people are overtaking me on the leaderboard to keep up the top! I love watching what everyone else I am linked up to is doing and commenting on moves that we do!

comment screenshot 2MYZONE comment screenshot

The best thing about joining our online MYZONE community is that the monthly challenges are even playing field for ALL fitness levels! You could be up against an Olympic athlete and still have the same chance of winning, because it is about the EFFORT that you are prepared to put in.

To purchase your MYZONE belt and join our online fitness challenge PURCHASE YOUR MYZONE and get $70 OFF THE RRP when you PURCHASE NOW via this link!

You only need to buy the band and it comes with the charger. So long as you have access to a smart phone then you won’t need the watch, it is just a nice extra for those who can afford it, but I have never needed or used the watch myself.

Once you have purchased your belt- follow these instructions to register your belt.

I can’t wait to challenge you via our online effort tracking device and hope you pick up yours now via this link with my special voucher code!