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Stacey Louise Before and After

My Pear Shaped 200+ Pounds ‘Before’ Body

It’s probably hard for people who didn’t know me before to believe that I used to avoid the camera – especially when I love it so much now!

FIRSTLY I would like to say: please DON’T get caught up in the hype of Before and After photos, as in the end, it is what is on the inside that matters the most! It is how you FEEL rather than how you look that should be the ultimate indication of a transformation success.

Nevertheless, I’ve managed to locate a few pictures of my pear shaped Australian Size 20 bottom body, and although you may not be able to see the full extent of those saddle bags under all my best attempts to cover them up (yes two pairs of compression stockings to try and hold them in) I am sure you can notice the transformation after losing 32kgs!

I guess that I wish I had done it so I had photos to share, but there was no way you were going to get me to pose in my underwear or bikini and hold up that newspaper like you see people do.

So I stood in my black pants and I pulled a sad face 🙁 But to be totally honest I wasn’t putting it on, as I was feeling ashamed, embarrassed, tired and depressed after just getting off the scales reading 92kgs (202 lbs).


One thing I am glad I kept is my pair of black work pants that I used to wear to work every single day. Although I know I did a great editing job of my workplace’s shared drive to delete any pictures that did manage to sneak on there at the time, I think that the photo above of me holding them out now gives a pretty good indication of my transformation, losing more than 30kgs (70lbs)!

90kgs (2)

I have never looked back since the day that I managed to change my attitude, educate myself and start living a healthier and happier life!  I managed to totally transform my pear shaped body and transform my LIFE!

When I look at these before and ‘half way through my transformation’ photos now, it’s a bit surreal… as they don’t even feel like me! 

80kgs80kgs after

 You can see that regardless of my weight or hair colour- I have always been a fan of CAMO! 😉signaturejoin_mailing_list

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