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Stacey Louise - Behind The Scenes


‘BTS’ (Behind the Scenes)

I have currently taken some time away from modelling as I am focusing on other areas of my life, but you will get to see what I’ve been getting up to soon!


Until then, check out some of the opportunities I have been involved in since I lost weight in the history below:


Model Comps DONE & DUSTED!

On June 28th I coached four girls for their first Bikini Modelling Competition. The Girls brought home medals for every round!  Gorgeous Georgia won First Place for her first ever comp and I was awarded with a Champion Trainers award for it!




The Logies Red Carpet

Let me just say that Michelle, the Commando and I were NOT up running BOOTCAMP at 5am the next morning after the Logies! Instead you could find me around that time yet to make my way home from the Chanel Seven Network After Party, pictured below singing into a Logie which I decided could double as a microphone!

11050221_894421267268036_7808518156021648939_n 11150683_688715531233059_2661284600507936740_n11201717_993187764024566_856716925_n11230481_1428444147460137_1205564285_n



I’m owning the Cam Glam BOOTCAMP Babe look in these BTS pics from a photoshoot with Mark Rogers for an International Magazine submission!

10615407_658978984206714_1883699679965674243_nphoto2 11021268_861709207205909_7027860957503163703_n



Arnold Classic Fitness Model Finalist

When I heard that the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was coming to Australia to hold the very first Arnold Classic Fitness Expo Event here in our country I couldn’t help but get involved! I was wrapt to place within the top 10 Australian Fitness Models at the Arnies! 🙂



Fitness Model Interview

Check out my Interview with Muscle Mayhem here:



Miss Summernats

I may be getting a year older amongst all of these gorgeous 19-20 year olds, but I am still managing to get a bit closer to that Miss Summernats title every year! At 34 this year I moved up from my third place last year to SECOND place for 2015!

1459327_633304256774187_336234864654974902_n10421262_633279676776645_5132319204061710926_n16451_10153546146864012_6492650929299856964_n 10427349_634055380032408_6231037226609752411_n 10915202_633486583422621_3033383249044255737_n10639733_637439553027324_8690875311236308662_n


They called me the ‘Hottest Babe from the Bachelor!’

There was plenty of interest around my time in The Bachelor house in my search for LURVE… it turn’s out Blake Garvey wasn’t the one for me, however it was still a really exciting time, with stylists, hair and make-up departments dressing me for some very special Cocktail Parties every week! Check out some of the outfits they dressed me in here:

Stacey Louise BacheloretteStacey-Louise3 Stacey LouiseStacey-Louise2Stacey-Louise33Stacey-Louise22

One day I walked in to the newsagent to find myself in 6 different magazines on the shelf, including a feature double page spread in WHO WEEKLY AND a FRONT COVER & POSTER in ZOO Magazine!


But I was excited to leave the house, get back into my own country girl gear, and go on a date with Tommy Little…well- it was a surprise after he asked Blake on ‘The Project’ show to pass his number on to any of the girls who he had to let go! 😉


Watch some cheeky video footage of Blake and I acting out ‘our wedding night’ here!



Zombie Apocalypse Photoshoot

From these Behind the Scenes shots, the weather may look ok, but it was only 4 degrees and soooooo windy! I really did feel like it was the end of the world! LOL But as always I worked hard to get good shots for the photographers regardless.

Stacey Louisephotodfsf 10291256_741641995866821_8878033365024168888_n 1972288_515490485222232_2177821671590950924_n 1013876_741531089211245_5765784133008303323_n

Stacey Louise ZombieCombat Barbie Stacey Louise


Ambassador for Black & Blue Fashions

I am so proud to be sponsored by Black & Blue, and have been their loyal ambassador for over 4 years now! I am always wearing the newest cool fitness wear and I haven’t had to buy a piece of clothing for myself in over four years!

stacey L 0301stacey L 03031



Stacey Louisephoto 3

I enjoyed just hangin’ around the Black & Blue stand…taking an afternoon nap…IN THE AIR! As you do..when you are hanging around with Australia’s STRONGEST MAN!!

photo fphotoghgf

Watch this video of me checking out the new range of my favourite Shakers at the Core 150 stand with Eugene who decided to throw an impromptu interview on me!

Chatting with the Champs like Michael Klim, Mr.Universe Sammy Ioadinnis and his KILLER calves, and Boxing Champs Sam ‘King’ Soliman and ‘Stan the Man’ Longinidis!

photo55photodsfsdf photodsfwsdfphotohjhk

And chatting UP the boys! Hahahaha Calum Von Moger may be 10 years too young for me, but can you blame me for trying to get a ride home with him?! And Cover Model Joel Bushby- say no more! 😉

photo 11 photo 22 photo 33 photob

And who wouldn’t LUV SUM of the protein balls by these brothers with their cute stand and Bicycle?! LOL!!


Of course NOT to forget hanging out with all of the gorgeous GIRLS too! Like beautiful Fitness Model Michelle Richards and Cover Model Jenna Douros! 🙂

photoefsdf photozxfczcx

Stacey Louise Jenna Douros



I had an AMAZING weekend at Fit X, amongst so many people who share a passion for Health and Fitness, and sooooo many SEXY bodies! WOW! Check out this coverage of the FIT X event by Luke Trainor, where I am interviewed alongside some inspirational athletes who also attended the event:

And here are some snaps from the weekend pictured having a BLAST! 😉


It was so fun to meet people like gorgeous Charlotte with her amazing long hair that makes me so jealous! And I managed to bail up my Coach- Perry!

1016469_499859700118644_642505709_n Stacey Louise The Transformer

With one of my banners at the Black and Blue stand and with Black & Blue owner/designer Gary and Angie:

Stacey Louise The Transformer 1948177_499655010139113_1226855757_n

Snapping a ‘selfie’ whilst I was waiting for some ‘Black and Blue’ Glitter tattoo’s to be plastered all over my body and having some fun with my Model friend, Bridget Bailey:

1601351_499734963464451_16475918_n 1654374_500874363350511_1780734413_n

With the beautiful Susie Koutoufides from the Kouta Club and Champion Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin:

1231097_561395970634840_1541676121_n  1888735_500874423350505_1912361075_n

Mucking around and having wayyyy too much fun with my Coach over at the Dymatize stand:

1898178_499470126824268_1834019609_n 1901599_499470260157588_401987480_n 1912087_499470213490926_1932165990_n1922042_499470236824257_1718446353_n 10014569_499470143490933_1302685407_n1966866_499470180157596_1633578066_n

Flexing fun with Bodybuilding Champion Shawn Rhoden, and pretending to be a ‘middle’ weight boxing champion myself in between these champs over at the Black & Blue stand! 😉

1898154_500874530017161_2105789236_n 1958330_500874560017158_1237829707_n

Popping over to say Hello to some of my favourite fitness supplement suppliers like the awesome Next Generation Supplements crew:


And being ‘mean and green’ with weightlifting Champion Florian Loock! 😉


I had the BEST weekend hanging out with all of my fitness freak friends and superstars and this expo just keeps getting BETTER every year! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sweet Dreams!

Nobody would realise just how busy I have been ‘behind the scenes’ whilst setting up my Company and business of the online webstore, the SPUNKY SHOP. Coming soon to my range of promotional products at will be your chance to go to bed with me! Hahaha! Curious about what product I could possibly be developing from this (lying around on a bed naked)? Well it’s all a secret for now! But let me just say that this will be the perfect present for all of the single guys out there! You know I am in the business of making dreams come true 😉


Photoshoot with Harlem Productions

It’s times like today when I am reminded of just how far I have come. I JUST finished another HUGE photoshoot today, or should I say production, since there was a Director, Hairdresser/Make up Artist, Stylist, Videographer and Photographer …all fussing about me on the coolest set that had been styled especially for me! To be able to stand in lingerie as a bikini model in front of a whole team of people with lights and cameras zooming in close up on my body, is really such an accomplishment! Living my dreams! 🙂 Watch the shoot on You Tube:


DREAM CHASING- my ‘Farm to Fairytale’ dream experience of gracing the LAS VEGAS STAGE!

When I first started my transformation journey, I had a dream to lose enough weight to be able to walk onto a Las Vegas Stage, in a big Showgirl costume like a Victoria’s Secret Model! When my dad passed away and I was faced with a heartbreaking personal separation in the same year, I decided that it was time to finally follow my dream, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! I was also able to grant my mum’s lifelong wish to visit Disneyland. We hit up Hollywood, Las Vegas, and ofcourse DISNEYLAND together and the journey was a bit like ‘Thelma & Louise’ only it was ‘Mum and Stacey Louise!’ You can check out my Behind the Scenes daily diary entries via the handycam via the ‘Farm to Fairytale‘ link:

Stacey Louise international

But now it is on to even BIGGER sights!

Oooooo and check it out- That’s ME! I made it onto the 2014 World’s Poster!

10245910_800480426638047_605374275_n _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


It was one SUPER SEXY SPUNKY FIT Shoot located at MY GYM in Eastgardens Sydney with one of Australia’s leading photographers, Danial Gowans.

Here are some i-phone snapshots my assistant took through the day, but please check out the Gallery for some of the final edits from this shoot. Just hanging around the gym in my lingerie… as you do! Don’t you? Hahahahaha ;P

photo88photo2photo3photo8photo977photo888Stacey Louise

Here is some more footage Ell took ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the shoot:

Here are a couple of the final edits from this shoot:


There are plenty more edits from this shoot in the Gallery so be sure to check it out! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Miss Summernats

I was so proud to come third this year and share in $18,000 of prizes in a line up of tens of 20 year old girls! 🙂





The Canberra times and TV coverage stated ‘Miss Louise TRUMPETED that she is a Personal Trainer in her 30’s who has lost over 30kgs’ HELL YESSSS I ‘TRUMPETED’ my age and achievements! Hahahaha!

1524633_471377282972846_1896248789_n   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Red Hot Pie TV

I won a Bikini Competition (the Halloween Fantasy Fashion Show sponsored by Amorous Coco, Melba’s on the Park, Sexy Party People and Red Hot Pie TV) and then I was asked to work at the ‘Island of Sin’ Boat Party on the Gold Coast.  Over 700 people travelled in boats out to South Stradbroke Island for a day of entertainment.


Whilst working on the Island I was asked to do a photoshoot for Red Hot Pie TV and Amorous Coco Bikini’s. Below is some footage from the shoot.


Australian Motorcycle & Scooter Expo


The Expo was HUGE!


The face on this helmet looks familiar…


I had lots of fun promoting my limited edition ‘No Fear’ helmet at the expo!

644502_454037208034227_398407665_n1461220_454037348034213_489595903_n1467221_453355151435766_344781778_n _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships

Fitness Models from all over Australia and International Competitors made their way to the Gold Coast for the HUGE Asia Pacific Championship weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to arrive a couple of weeks prior for a bit of a break away and to complete my final preparations on the sunny Gold Coast.


After TWO spray tans the same day I was getting a few strange looks at the airport when I picked my Personal Assistant Ell up!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3549

I was so excited on the morning of the show, that I found it hard to sit still for my make-up!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3558Stacey I-phone downloads 3554 Stacey I-phone downloads 3550

And when I arrived at the convention centre and saw the stage…I could hardly wait, I just wanted to get up there straight away!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3562

No this is not the set of a Dexter show, this is backstage getting ready for the first round (Bikini) and they have fully taped up the whole area to protect it from our tans!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3563

Then it was time for the fun Themewear round! I wore my Lingerie Football League outfit designed by Anne Hardiman

Stacey I-phone downloads 3565

And finally it was time to get into my Evening Gown for the last round

Stacey I-phone downloads 3566

Here is another backstage snapshot pictured with First Place Champion Fitness Model, the beautiful Melissa Le Man and my priceless assistant Ell who was such a fantastic helper all day, bronzing up my arse, dressing me and taping me up for each round!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3567

And here is a pic of me with my fourth place trophy and gleaming with happiness ;P

Stacey I-phone downloads 3569

Click here to check out my Blog for some pictures of me on stage at the ANB Asia Pacifics. After the show I drove back to my apartment in my diamond encrusted evening gown, crystal heels and bling jewellery! I was tempted to stop at Sizzler’s for a buffet but thought I might be a little overdressed!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3568

So it was time to get changed and hit the town for dinner with some of the crew and the Model Afterparty! Here we are pictured at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, Fitness Models sure know how to eat after a show!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3570Stacey I-phone downloads 3644

And after many weeks and months of being so restricted with our diets and training, fitness models also know how to let their hair down! After a fun-filled party night at Sin City nightclub, we ended up walking the streets of Surfer’s Paradise looking for ICECREAM! Here I am with First Place Champion ‘Teenage’ Bodybuilder Kwame Duah walking the streets of Surfer’s Paradise. I think I did ok to keep up with these young ones!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3574

We really had Cold Rock or Baskin Robbins on our minds, but at 3am in the morning the only place open was Macca’s! So here you go… a Fitness Model line up at the Surfer’s Paradise McDonald’s just like it is a stage waiting for their Chocolate Sundaes! hahahaha

Stacey I-phone downloads 3643

Then it was time for me to head home, but Ell and I made sure we got our Ice-Cream the next day when Cold Rock was open!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3639

Ell stayed with me at my apartment at Chevron Island for a few days after the show to help me celebrate! We started with a jog along the beach and breakfast on the foreshore. Check out this day after show breakfast- that really is caramel covered bananas and waffles with hot fudge sauce- yum!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3654beach

We decided to let our hair down by taking our little hire car for a trip to the Wet ‘n’ Wild water themepark!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3588Stacey I-phone downloads 3586

Which was lots of fun until…. we ran into a little car trouble…

Stacey I-phone downloads 3589Stacey I-phone downloads 3592

Does anybody know a mechanic around here? Oh wait…he’ll do ;P

Stacey I-phone downloads 3594Stacey I-phone downloads 3595

Maybe next time I should put some petrol in the car before we decide to go out for the day? Ell gave up on waiting and chose to take alternative transport back to the apartment! ;P

Stacey I-phone downloads 3598

When we finally got back, we hit up the 7D Cinema where the guys in there gave us the celebrity treatment with free movies in a cinema all to ourselves!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3637 Stacey I-phone downloads 3638

The next day was Pyjama day at My Fitness Club in Broadbeach, so we didn’t even need to get changed before going to the gym!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3600Stacey I-phone downloads 3604 Stacey I-phone downloads 3606

There was even a DJ in the Gym with a couple of step ups as his stage!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3628Stacey I-phone downloads 3636

Even though we were in our PJ’s, we weren’t just there for a snooze so it was TIME TO TRAIN!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3633 Stacey I-phone downloads 3617

Finally we went from dressing down to dressing up, for some antique photographs as memories of our week of celebration together!

Stacey I-phone downloads 3670Stacey I-phone downloads 3671

It had been an awesome week with my beautiful assistant Ell, and I couldn’t be happier to bring home my fourth place Fitness Model trophy from the Asia Pacific Championships, reminding me just how far I have come. Just stepping onto that stage is such an achievement. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Photoshoot for Natural Bodz Magazine

With all of the Fitness Models making their way to the Gold Coast for the HUGE Asia Pacific Championship weekend Natural Bodz Magazine decided to hold a shoot at the Watermark Hotel in Surfer’s Paradise. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the other Fitness Models that would be competing at the Asia Pacific Championships.

Stacey I-phone downloads 3513

Stacey I-phone downloads 3517Stacey I-phone downloads 3519

The two Stacey’s! I am pictured here with Stacey O’Malley who is one of Brisbane’s Fit Model’s, you can check out more photo’s of Stacey O’Malley via the Fit Models Gallery click here.

Stacey I-phone downloads 3511

Lastly, I have one request…can somebody please find me a fit boy to jump on the back of? How cute are these two in the background?! (Fitness Couple Melissa Le Man and Sonny Brown)

Stacey I-phone downloads 3514

Still on the lookout for a sexy man to feature on the front cover of magazines with me…! In the meantime I am pretty excited to make the Natural Bodz Magazine Calendar, warming up the winter month of June 🙂



Backstage Presenter

It was another fantastic show for ANB (Natural Bodybuilding Show) with some amazing talent. It is always so inspiring to talk to the athletes, and being backstage on show day gives another insight into the immense mental and physical preparation that each athlete puts into the day to present at their best on stage.


Well I really do have a hard job sometimes! Such hard work having to interview these boys… hahaha ;P Let’s just say there were a few business cards handed out for the ‘Fit Models’ Agency!

252227_10151480458618195_669353258_n580182_10151948939237538_1747223100_n432123_10151948939772538_1810691976_n 264478_10151948933817538_1140256870_n485512_10151948934607538_549446666_n

There is always a great deal of friendships formed and comradery backstage at ANB Victoria. It is a supportive environment with everybody understanding the hard work that each competitior has put in to show up on the day, everyone encouraging each other and also having a few laughs in between all of the tanning and pumping up going on. It was great to be the first to talk to the competitors about how they were feeling when they came off stage with their well earned trophies and medals.


And ofcourse it’s not all about the boys beach bodies, as there are just as many (if not more) sexy and SPUNKY FIT women at the show from the Under and over 30 Fitness Models, to Figure Girls and even Masters Women. Some of these women are over 40 and 50 years of age, yet have bodies many 20 year old girls would die for!


580264_546506788726154_836251927_n 984274_546506705392829_2089178136_n

At the end of the day I had a bit of fun in the studio Ross Brownsdon Photography had set up on location at the ANB Victoria Venue to photograph competitors with their trophies and fantastic physiques. It had been another great BIG day!

923076_546506912059475_1238103889_n _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nik Studioz Photoshoot

I flew into Canberra on Friday night ready to hit the studio on Saturday morning feeling pretty WILD adorned in animal/reptile prints  (Rrrrreoowwwwww & hisssssss!)

Stacey Louise 22

The shoot location was found with a little bridge on a quiet back road a short drive out of Canberra City.  As you can see on this I-phone snapshot below, it was a scenic and sunny location!

Stacey Louise

It was such a fun day with the amazing Nik Studio.


There were many laughs, including when a ute full of guys come around the corner, looking like they were heading out for a weekend camping trip and looking quite surprised with the sight along the way! They approached the corner with a shout out of “HOLY F&^%$#@!” as I ran for the light screen to hide behind!




The busy, busy FILEX weekend was mostly business for us, I was busy promotional modelling and seeking the SPUNKIEST new products for the SPUNK SHOP, and my assistant Ell, was busy on the lookout for models for the Fit Models division…However, there was also FUN and a bit of DRAMA, starting with Ell’s first plane trip and ending with my luggage being left in Sydney!

Stacey Louise Arrives

The Taxi Rank Coordinator made sure we were hollered a Platinum Black Taxi so the black leather seats would coordinate with our matching black leather tracksuits! Oh…and they asked for a hotel with matching decor too…;) Louise in Taxi Stacey Louise

Then we hit up the recreation area at the Hotel to get PUMPED UP for FILEX!

Stacey Louise in GYM with her PA Ell Louise's PA Ell Huston

But we really didn’t require any ‘pumping up’ for the excitement of FILEX, and especially not when we arrived at the venue at the same time as BODYBUILDING STAR JAY CUTLER!

Stacey Louise

The girls arrive for day 1 at FILEX with Mr Olympia Jay Cutler

Here ere are some pics of us at FILEX, doing a bit of SPUNK SHOP sourcing and Fit Model Agency scouting,


And some pictures of me at work; promotional modelling for Black & Blue and posing for visitors to the Expo:


Then it was time to knock off and wander outside of the convention centre to hit ‘The Rocks’ (which I learned is not actually rocks but instead a lovely spot in Sydney filled with laneways of gorgeous old restaurants) for dinner at Boroque French Restaurant for some delicious modern French Cuisine!


Monday night before we left was a gorgeous night to check out some of the other sights of Sydney!



To add a little ‘drama’ to the weekend, my luggage got left in Sydney on the return trip!


But NOT TO DISPARE! I decided to go buy some new jocks at Victoria’s Secret so I would be right until my luggage was delivered to me via courier the next day 🙂

Stacey Louise

Overall it had been a HUGE weekend of fun and work, we got to meet some awesome new people and products! A long weekend to remember!




I have had an opportunity to do some Ring Girl work within my role as an Ambassador for Black & Blue.


Champion ‘King’ Solomon’s gold belt is so heavy he needs two fit girls to help him hold it up! I think we can handle that! I think we also did a good job of coaxing him into getting the shirt off- it’s such hot work! ;P


And time for a costume change for I-Core Shakers:


And sharing stories with some other promo models at the show, I stood tall as they ask for a photo with Claire and I, how do I hold up next to these young 20 year olds? I think I can stand my place! 😉


In the afternoon we headed over to the Boxing Ring to take on the role of ‘Ring Girls’ for the official Australian Boxing Federation Championships being held at FIT X on the Saturday, sponsored by STING.


On Sunday I worked for Max’s Protein on the Maxine’s Burn stand and I went home with no voice after chatting to so many people all weekend, doing what I LOVE!

559924_354804181290864_2115261032_n579230_354804187957530_1099225495_n ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Grid Girl

I do a bit of Grid Girl work at the Grand Prix and Superbikes each year in Phillip Island, Australia. But when I was contacted to do some promotional modelling for NZI Helmets I had no idea it would be so much fun! It started with a Photoshoot in which the images would be used to design a new limited range Helmet, titled ‘No Fear.’ I enjoyed posing and playing around, and it was decided that we would do a ‘Hear No, See No, Speak No EVIL’ theme.

Stacey Louise

And this is the cool finished product which is now an ongoing available line in Australia and Europe in both a Road Helmet and Scooter Helmet! They call it the ‘NO EVIL’ design with ‘Aussie Babe, Stacey Louise’ ;P

Then I got put up at the 5 star Silverwaters Resort at San Remo and got to bring along my girl Ell as well for all an expenses covered and paid working weekend of fun at Phillip Island! The first Helmet to sell for the weekend was actually one of my NO EVIL helmets! I offered to sign it too 🙂

Stacey Louise

Here are some pic’s of Ell and I at work 🙂

318130_10152600909290370_353677330_n 540791_1696088873863435_1684542008_n nzi-helmets-girls with Ell

And having some fun posing with some of the visitors to the Expo Shed:


I was not dissapointed when this visitor (‘Benson’ down from Canberra, ACT) lined up for a photo with us! You can have the Helmet Mr Hottie….if I can have you? ;P

Stacey Louise

Since the Superbikes weekend it has been fun to see my helmet being worn on the road and track!

Stacey Louise


Miss Hawaain Tropics

There were three rounds, Bikini, Hawaiian Theme and Sports theme and I was up against 30 other girls who were mostly 10-15 years younger than me…

483721_352658754838740_319383280_nStacey I-phone downloads 2605Stacey I-phone downloads 2622

AND I WAS WRAPT TO PLACE 2nd! Ok so I was not going off to Hawaii..hahaha BUT it was such an achievement to come second in such a competitive and young field and another reminder of just how far I have come! Here is a backstage i-phone snapshot of me with my sash looking very proud:

734877_348840935220522_927915100_n _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I love my sexy sister so much, so it was awesome to have the opportunity to shoot with her when talented Melbourne Photographer Natalie V approached us for a magazine submission. We had such a fun day!


Here are a couple of the edited final shots by Natalie V, and you can check out more via the Fit Models Gallery click here.


On the way home in my little ‘playcar’ we got a few toots from cars and a lot of strange looks from people still wearing our black face paint!

Sexy Sister shoot 041

Whilst in Melbourne I had to run in to one of my agencies to pick up some business cards and other promo material for some promotional modelling I was doing for Playboy at the Melbourne Cup. Jayne took a photo of me with one of my business cards which ended up getting over 2000 likes in a day on facebook! There must be something about this war paint…I just haven’t quite figured it out yet…hahahaha ;P _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Here are a few other ‘Behind the Scenes’ moments that I remember!

Driving from Melbourne to Bathurst in a car full of blondies… getting lost…and then breaking down at the Dog on the Tucker box at Gundagai to be saved by a friendly local who jumpstarted us!

Stacey I-phone downloads 1009 Stacey I-phone downloads 1008

We got to Bathurst eventually, got dressed in our uniforms, worked hard each day and then rested our feet by the pool in a houseful of models each night!

Stacey I-phone downloads 1030 Stacey I-phone downloads 1032 Stacey I-phone downloads 1034 Stacey I-phone downloads 1036

Playing around in the pits with this gorgeous 18 year old (yes paired up with a girl 15 years younger than me!)

Stacey I-phone October 2012

Being looked after by the NSW Police 😉

Stacey I-phone downloads 1050

And being RIGHT there in amongst it all when Jamie Whincup won and enjoying the celebration with him and all of the drivers at the Official Afterparty!

Stacey I-phone October 2012 131

Mucking around with the boys, Mika Kallio and Scott Redding when I knocked off my Grid Girl Job at the Moto GP in Phillip Island.

Stacey I-phone downloads 1308 Stacey I-phone downloads 1293 Stacey I-phone downloads 1297 Stacey I-phone downloads 1316

Catching a Stretched Hummer into the Melbourne Cup as a Playboy Promo Model:

Stacey I-phone downloads 1435 Stacey I-phone downloads 1434579173_303953306375952_1050056792_n

Fixing cars up with Duct Tape!


Getting paid to go Go-Karting!

154488_314302692007680_1103557061_n205030_314357828668833_819233897_n 406597_317433895027893_132563886_n563842_317433918361224_2069658985_n559891_314460168658599_677289414_n

Driving race cars 🙂


And picking out which car to drive home in!


Being there amongst the atmosphere at the Miss Summernats competition, in the top 5 amongst a crowd of girls in their 20’s and winning over $3000 worth of stuff!

35520_342025139235435_1641325067_n 485371_342024862568796_751682159_n

Winning ‘Sexiest Costume in Vegas’ at the Palms Playboy Club on Halloween dressed as a mermaid, and then going on a HUGE shopping spree in Las Vegas with my US cash winnings the next day!

Stacey Louise

Making awesome new friends every weekend!


And one of the funniest yet- rocking up to a ‘Grid Girl’ job with my girl Ell, to realise it was the set of a filmed competition with model drift cars! LOL!

538106_344451195659496_1366641929_n 539821_344451202326162_1337340472_n379239_344451158992833_174336570_n

Modelling has definitely been full of so many memorable moments, and although it is never as glamorous as people think, I am so thankful to wake up healthy and fit and make opportunities like this a reality for myself.

stacey L 0301

Love my Life and Love you Spunks 🙂


I’d love you to link up with me via my Social Media links to check out more pics from FILEX, and all of my daily ‘Behind the Scenes’ Life:

Stacey Louise instagram linkStacey Louise Facebook link Stacey Louise You Tube link _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________