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About me

Firstly, let’s get this straight: I DID NOT wake up with a bikini bod one day and I STILL DON’T!

I have NEVER been like those pretty young fitness model types who may be genetically gifted and have a naturally curvy and sexy bikini body! I have constantly battled with my weight and mental health, on and off the diet merry-go-round, going through much hardship as a yo-yo dieter.

So I AM NOT going to stand here and tell you how easy it is to be happy in your own skin!

Whenever I get stressed out (for example in a bad relationship) the first thing I notice is how tight my jeans get! So for me to get a modelling gig here and there, I have to admit, has always been an effort and taken a lot of work!

My weight is always my greatest measure of my happiness…as it is only one sign or facade for what is going on the inside. This is why I never take a day for granted now when I do wake up with energy, feeling healthy, confident and happy in my own skin!

I grew up with terrible self esteem and body image issues. I was always feeling tired, stressed, depressed, and I was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed of my body and it is easy for me to fall back into this trap.

I have followed blogs and IG pages of high profile Bikini Models who spoke of woes of growing up being teased for being ‘too athletic’ and ‘too skinny’ and mine has been a very different story. I was always the pudgy child, with the puppy fat and pot belly that I never really outgrew.  I always avoided school sports and definitely swimming days, as I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

Like most people, I’ve had my fair share of obstacles and challenges. From living with a devastating genetic illness in my family, and caring for my adored father who was exceptionally ill for more than half of my life, going through the invasive and highly stressful testing process for Huntington’s Disease myself, finding myself all alone in my mid 30’s following a marriage separation and acquiring an injury that required surgery and left me bedridden. So I know what it is like to have days where getting out of bed is even an achievement in itself.

I believe nobody deserves to feel the way that I used to.

I really want to help others so I am sharing what has worked for me to turn my life around. I want to help others who may be feeling like I used to. By sharing what has (& hasn’t) worked for me, I want to save you the mistakes and hardships that I have gone through and help you on this journey.

EVERYONE has the right to health and happiness, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW and NO MATTER HOW OLD you are! It is never too late to become the best version of you from the inside out.



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