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I was depressed, overweight and tired, weighing in at over 200lbs (90kgs) and I hated myself. 

I don’t think anyone deserves to feel like I did, on constant diets to try and feel better about myself but that left me tired and unhappy. I hope that by sharing what has worked for me, that you can start changing and feeling great too!

I am not going to lie and tell you that it was easy for me to change my life. I am not naturally gifted with the genetics to be a model! But I have learned a lot over the past 10 years, mostly through my own mistakes!  Ten years ago I was classified as ‘obese’ and told ‘we don’t make jeans in YOUR SIZE.’

I want to save you some of the mistakes and hardships that I have gone through. 

To help you to help yourself, the way that I saved myself and turned my life around,

Please read my message and story at the ‘About’ & ‘Transformation’ sections for more information about my vision, and why I am doing this.  I have started a BOOTCAMP for everyday women to fight back and regain your health, confidence and happiness! I would love you to join me as we fight this war on fat, illness and disease!

Find out more about my BOOTCAMP or Contact me NOW to Join my Troop!

I’m so excited to embark on this transformation journey with you! Xxxxx



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